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OpsWerks Academy Program for Site Reliability Engineer

Manila Business Operations

Employment: Full Time Internship

About Us

OpsWerks excels in empowering technology teams to thrive. Our core values revolve around making technology “werk” for our valued customers, tailoring solutions precisely to their unique requirements. We firmly believe that products, services, tools, and processes should always serve the needs of people, placing them at the forefront.

With a team of skilled service architects, platform administrators, SREs, software engineers, and equally talented people leaders, we boast a wealth of experience in constructing and managing some of the world’s largest, most scalable environments. From 24/7 monitoring to cutting-edge infrastructure design and application development, our team of talented, creative, and dynamic individuals excels in every facet.

OpsWerks Academy Program

Our intensive technical and mindset training is designed to fuel your development, equipping you with the skills and experience needed to thrive in the industry. We go beyond just honing technical skills; we recognize the importance of a well-rounded professional for a holistic development. You’ll enhance not only your technical prowess but also your invaluable people skills, paramount for navigating the dynamic landscape of your future career. Our internship experience is one-of-a-kind, tailored to unlock your full potential by engaging you in vibrant community chats, enlightening office-hours discussions, and personalized guidance during one-on-one check-ins with your mentors.

Stages of Internship:

A. 3-Month Academy Internship

  • 5 Weeks Foundational Courses (First Term)

  • Midpoint Assessment

  • 6 Weeks Advance Courses (Second Term) Onsite Manila Office.

    • Case Study and Presentation

    • Final Assessment and Graduation

B. 3-Month Engineering Boot Camp

  • Real-world application of the technical learnings from the Internship.

  • Receive Platform, System, and Service Delivery trainings.

  • Continuous tech stack upskilling.

  • Pass Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Certification

  • Light to medium interaction with partners.

  • Goal Setting

C.  Final Assessment and Transition to Full-time Consultant.


  • Hybrid 3-Month online and in-person technical training and hands-on exercises: Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience through the use of AI amplified online learning management system, Absorb and KodeKloud. Throughout the internship, you will receive a specially curated site reliability engineering (SRE) tool stack and hands-on exposure to the newest technologies used by hypergrowth technology companies.

  • Learn and get paid: We value your dedication and commitment to learning. As an intern, you will receive a competitive industry allowance that recognizes your contribution and supports your financial needs during the program. This allowance ensures that you can focus on your growth and development without any financial concerns.

  • Paid Certification: We believe in investing in your professional development. As an Academy Intern, you will have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications relevant to your field of expertise. These certifications will not only enhance your resume but also validate your skills and knowledge, boosting your credibility in the competitive job market.

  • Paid Sick Leaves: We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you pass the 3-month internship and level up to the 3-month bootcamp, you will have access to paid sick leaves, allowing you to take time off when not feeling 100%. You will be given 1 day of paid sick leave per month.

  • Service laptop: Once you successfully complete the first term of the internship, you will be granted free use of a MacBook service unit.

  • Be a Full-time OpsWerks Consultant: Your hard work and dedication can open doors to exciting career opportunities. Exceptional interns who demonstrate outstanding skills, adaptability, and a strong work ethic may be offered a full-time position within our esteemed organization upon successfully completing the coursework and requirements of the 9 months program. Seize this chance to secure a promising engineering career path in a high-technology industry.

Your Responsibilities

As an intern, you need to learn and understand all the subjects included in the Academy Syllabus. There will be a Team Leader who will provide guidance, motivation, and support throughout your journey. Coaches of the Academy Faculty will also be there to help you understand the subjects, set goals, and identify resources to help you succeed.

Therefore, as an intern, you are expected to:

  • Comply with the behavioral and technical guidelines set in The Academy.

  • Complete and present all assigned projects, tasks, and case studies with relevance and exploratory depth.

  • Build healthy relationships among other interns through active involvement in all group activities, troubleshooting, and issue resolution.

About You

  • Batch 2022-2024 B.S. Computer Engineering graduate, Information Systems, or related engineering discipline from a reputable school.

  • Those with a prior experience in a technical field with less than 2 years of working experience will have a head start.

  • Possess a foundational understanding of operating systems, networking concepts, and cloud computing.

  • Familiarity with programming languages like C++, Python, or BASH shell scripting.

  • Good communication skill, which is essential for effective collaboration.

  • Have the ability to maintain composure in high-pressure situations to demonstrate resilience and critical thinking skills.

  • Work best as part of a team.

  • Have a genuine thirst for learning and personal growth.

  • Be agreeable to completing the 3-month learning objectives at night or daytime.

Apply to the Program

Join OpsWerks Academy, the company’s engineering internship program, and acquire character-building skills in identifying and implementing essential processes, while developing a specialization in cloud computing, platform infrastructure, or data engineering. To thrive in these roles, your analytical and communication skills are paramount and will be developed and strengthened.

If you aspire to embark on a journey toward becoming one of our future leaders, we eagerly await your application. Together, we can make technology “werk” for the people.