Service Delivery Team Lead

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Service Delivery Team Lead

At OpsWerks we're looking for a Service Delivery Team Lead to join our team.

Full-time · Manila

Your Role

You take a personal stake in the services you partner with and the strategies your team defines and leads. You hold yourself to (almost, but not quite) impossibly high standards. You have unshakeable integrity. You’re always asking why. You are as comfortable speaking to partners, team owners, even executives in open forums as you are with discussing a burn-down chart with a team member.

You’re an accomplished builder and leader of high-performance technical teams, ready to tackle your next challenge. You have the technical chops to go deep, yet retain the ability to focus on higher-level business and product goals.

You need to be making right decisions regarding business operations and strategies that are being implemented. Things like deciding what existing frameworks need to be improved, what skill sets are required when onboarding a new property because they will constitute the basis on which business is grown.

You should be making wise decisions in team building choices — hire team members, separate with team members, and everything in between.

You should be making the right decisions in day to day operations. You will come across many difficult choices throughout the workday.

But after all, what is a “right” decision business wise? This might be a bit subjective, but growing companies agree that the right decision in the business worlds is a decision that has these three qualities:

  • Data driven and logical

  • Practical and leads to good results

  • Aligns with the company’s beliefs, values, mission, and methods.

As a Service Delivery Team Lead in OpsWerks, you’ll be on a team whose mission is to build and improve its partners' most critical cloud and internet services. We are looking for decision makers and people person leaders to join this amazing team. If you feel this is you, we’d love to get to know you.

It is crucial to grow and mature our operational methodologies. Are you ready?

Your Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, or business related field

  • Minimum 3 years strategic team leadership and development experience, including attracting, developing and retaining top talent

  • Passion and dedication to the delivery of an unparalleled and consistent customer experience

  • Experience interacting with and influencing partners at all levels

  • Stellar communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Excellent leadership skills that improve team focus, efficiency, and effectiveness

  • Ability to perform robust business process analysis and recommend solutions

  • Prioritize, plan, delegate and execute strategies, objectives, projects successfully

  • Thrives in ambiguous, 24x7 fast-paced environment operating at both strategic and tactical levels

  • Strong emphasis on SRE as an engineering discipline with a focus on automation

  • Highly skilled, organized, experienced, and enjoy orchestrating programs with many moving parts: people, needs, and technologies

  • Proven project management skills, including excellent presentation skills, resource planning skills

  • Organize and participate in requirements or design brainstorming sessions

  • Process re-engineering experience - ability to drive process maturity and optimization initiatives

  • Comfortable collaborating and influencing a diverse set of people and teams to do what needs to get done and negotiate when approaches or timelines change

Your Team

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Our team is made up of individuals who are aligned with OpsWerks’ values. In the spirit of building a healthy community, which requires open and honest communication, here are our expectations for every one of us at OpsWerks:

  • To uphold OpsWerks’ Mission and Methods.

  • To know, believe, and execute each team’s mission plan.

  • Growing in the 4 awareness (self, others, surroundings, and situation).

  • To take ownership of your personal growth for the team’s well-being.

  • To never give up, to never give in… only giving your best.

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