Security Specialist - IT & Security

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Security Specialist - IT & Security

At OpsWerks we're looking for a Security Specialist - IT & Security to join our team.
Full-time · Manila

About the job

We are looking for a Security Specialist adept at enhancing organizational security protocols to mitigate the risk of breaches. Your role involves crafting, implementing, and maintaining security automation solutions, collaborating with various teams to fortify our defenses. Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing automated security measures to ensure the ongoing protection of our applications.

  • Cultivating relationships across departments to advocate for security initiatives.

  • Conducting thorough security evaluations of processes, infrastructure, and applications.

  • Strengthening and Hardening networks, containers, machines, and cloud resources

  • Crafting and enforcing security policies and protocols, with a focus on scalability in cloud environments.

  • Swiftly responding to security incidents and prescribing effective remediation strategies.

  • Offering expert guidance to teams to construct secure and user-friendly solutions.

  • Design, maintain, and administer IT security policies and practices training sessions utilizing our internal learning management system

  • Providing hands-on support to ensure practical security practices are embedded in daily operations.

Your qualifications:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a DevSecOps, DevOps Engineer, Security Specialist, Analyst or Security Architect.

  • You’re a practitioner of the following technical stacks:

    • A native on administering Linux systems such as RedHat or CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu, and MacOS

    • Expertise in the security best practices of containerized, virtual and web application environments 

    • Experience on supporting Cloud Environments such as Platforms and Technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Platform (GCP), Akamai Cloud (Linode) or Microsoft Azure

    • Proficient on containerization and orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

    • A fan of automation using scripting and programming languages such as BASH or Python

    • Understanding of Monitoring, Alerting & Observability Concepts and Technologies such as Prometheus and Grafana

    • Familiarity with Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD), testing and performance test automation processes and systems

  • Exceptional communication and leadership skills and a strong customer service orientation.

  • Proficiency in managing and securing both on-premise and cloud infrastructure

  • A proven track record of instilling a culture of security excellence within organizations, promoting secure coding and design principles.

  • Experience in utilizing enterprise-grade security tools and processes.

  • Strong collaboration skills, able to work effectively within cross-functional teams.

  • You are self-sufficient, self-starter with proven success on taking strong ownership of projects

  • Willing to work onsite, 5 days a week and on-call during high-priority incidents 

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