Platform Systems Engineer

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Platform Systems Engineer

At OpsWerks, we're looking for a Platform Systems Engineer to join our team.

Full-time · Manila

Your Role

  • Ensure timely resolution of incidents by troubleshooting, escalating, and resolving issues.

  • Take responsibility for maintaining services, platforms, and infrastructure to ensure smooth operation at a large production scale.

  • Monitor and optimize the health and performance of applications and platforms.

  • Debug problems reported by partners and end-users using in-depth log analysis and stack traces.

  • Participate in incident response and post-incident reviews.

  • Create comprehensive documentation for operational procedures and environment setup.

  • Develop tools, operational enhancements, and automated solutions to streamline processes.

  • Be a member of a 24x7 shifting rotation.

Your Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience supporting critical production services.

  • Proficient in resolving complex engineering issues through advanced debugging techniques.

  • Experience operating and troubleshooting Linux/Unix systems in a production environment.

  • Skilled in shell scripting or other scripting languages for automation and system management.

  • Understanding of microservices architecture and distributed systems.

  • Familiarity with APIs, HTTP requests, and JSON/YAML formats.

  • Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, or similar container orchestration platforms.

  • Ability to implement logging, telemetry, and monitoring tools such as Splunk, Grafana, and Prometheus.

  • Proficiency in Git for version control.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (I.T.) or a related field.

Your Team

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You'll be part of a driven and passionate Platform Systems Engineer team, whose work is known for excellent operational work. These are people who are taking head-on data center and platform operation challenges, not afraid of doing the dirty work, but still continuously looking out for ways to make things more efficient and better. 

Our team is made up of individuals who are aligned with OpsWerks’ values. In the spirit of building a healthy community, which requires open and honest communication, here are our expectations for every one of us at OpsWerks:

  • To uphold OpsWerks’ Mission and Methods.

  • To know, believe, and execute each team’s mission plan.

  • Growing in the 4 awareness (self, others, surroundings, and situation).

  • To take ownership of your personal growth for the team’s well-being.

  • To never give up, to never give in… only giving your best.

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