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Head of Recruitment

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OpsWerks is a technical consulting company specializing in operational services for high tech industry. As we experience rapid growth, we are seeking a dynamic and experienced Head of Recruitment to join our team and lead our recruitment strategies. Reporting directly to the CEO, the Head of Recruitment will play a crucial role in executing our growth plans.

Your Role

  • Strategic Recruitment Planning and Execution: Develop and implement a targeted recruitment strategy aligned with the company's growth objectives. This includes hiring 60 DevOps Engineers, Multi-Cloud Engineers, and Site Reliability Engineers each quarter over the next two years to support expansion efforts effectively.

  • Team Leadership and Development: Lead and manage the recruitment team, fostering their professional growth and motivation to achieve quarterly hiring targets. Provide mentorship and guidance to enhance team capabilities and ensure alignment with strategic goals.

  • Recruitment Process Optimization: Optimize the recruitment process to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the candidate experience. This includes refining the recruitment framework to ensure alignment with company culture and technical requirements, leading to improved quality of hires.

  • Data-Driven Recruitment: Utilize data-driven insights to inform hiring decisions, focusing on improving employee retention and streamlining the onboarding process. Implement quantitative metrics to measure recruitment effectiveness and drive continuous improvement.

  • Employer Branding: Enhance OpsWerks' brand to attract top talent in the competitive technology marketplace. Position the company as a leading choice for career development, highlighting its innovative work environment and commitment to employee growth and success.

Your Qualifications

Focus Area: Talent Acquisition

  • Experience: Extensive years of experience in recruitment, with a focus on technology roles. This includes experience in managing the full recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing and screening to offer negotiation and onboarding.

  • Technical Knowledge: A strong understanding of technology roles and skill sets, including knowledge of programming languages, development methodologies, and emerging technologies.

  • Leadership Skills: Proven leadership abilities, with experience in managing and developing a team of recruiters. This includes the ability to inspire and motivate team members to achieve hiring targets.

  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to develop and execute recruitment strategies that align with the company's growth objectives and overall business strategy.

  • Analytical Skills: Strong analytical skills, with the ability to analyze recruitment data and metrics to drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement. Experience in using analytical tools, such as LinkedIn, Google and known ATS brands.

  • Communication Skills: Stellar communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to effectively communicate with candidates, hiring managers, and other stakeholders.

  • Industry Knowledge: A deep understanding of the technology industry, including trends, challenges, and best practices in recruitment.

  • Relationship Building: Strong relationship-building skills, with the ability to build and maintain relationships with candidates, hiring managers, and external partners.

  • Adaptability: The ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, with the flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and requirements.

  • Educational Background: A bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field is often preferred, although relevant experience can be equally valuable.

Focus Area: Employer Branding

  • Employer Branding Experience: Proven experience in developing and implementing employer branding strategies to attract top talent. This includes a strong understanding of branding principles and their application in recruitment.

  • Marketing and Communications Skills: Strong marketing and communications skills, with the ability to craft compelling employer branding messages and content across various channels, including social media, career websites, and recruitment events.

  • Creative Thinking: Creative thinking skills, with the ability to innovate and differentiate the employer brand to make it stand out in a competitive market.

  • Strategic Vision: Strategic vision to align employer branding initiatives with the company's overall business goals and recruitment objectives.

  • Collaboration Skills: Ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders, including People Business Partners, Product Groups, and senior leadership, to ensure employer branding initiatives are integrated and effective.

Overall, a Recruitment Head with a focus on both talent acquisition and employer branding should possess a combination of technical knowledge, marketing, communication, strategic, and leadership skills to effectively position the employer brand and attract top talent to the organization.

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