Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Kubernetes/AWS)

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Cloud INFRASTRUCTURE Engineer (Kubernetes/AWS)

Full-time · Manila · On-site


Opswerks specializes in making data center and cloud operation teams thrive. Our philosophy is about making technology "werk"​ for our customers by tailoring solutions to their exact needs. We believe that products, services, tools and processes should serve the needs of people, NOT the other way around.

Our global team of service architects, infrastructure admins and software engineers have built and operated some of the world's largest, most scalable environments over the past two decades. From 24/7 monitoring to infrastructure design to application development, our team of talented, creative and dynamic people has got it all covered.

Join us at Opswerks. Together, we can make technology "werk" for the people.

We are currently looking for innovative and passionate Cloud Infrastructure Engineer with deep-rooted foundation in Open Source Technology who will seek to deliver delightful customer experiences while leveraging their sharp technical edge and background. Working under the Engineering team, your goal is to make the different teams in Opswerks and its customers successful by immersing in day to day operations, building products and tooling that increase efficiency and better partnerships with our customers. 


The Cloud Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for the entire customer journey from beginning of case creation to resolution. This includes developing subject matter expertise and collaborating with cross-functional teams to learn rapidly, but thoroughly. 

The successful candidate will be a self-motivated learner who is able to pick up new technologies and skill-sets at a rapid pace. This is a customer-facing role in a highly collaborative and fast-paced environment that requires exceptional soft skills with the bandwidth to prioritize and manage several customer issues simultaneously.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering
  • 1+ years of hands-on experience in Continuous Deployment Tools and cluster orchestration engines such as Mesos, Kubernetes and Spinnaker
  • 1+ years of hands-on experience in Cloud Infrastructure management (Compute, Service Discovery, Auto scaling, Credential Management, Containers etc.) like AWS, GCP and/or Hybrid and Multi Cloud implementations
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills/ demonstrated ability to work through complex engineering obstacles
  • Expected to have exceptional customer-facing soft skills
  • Be responsible in writing escalation tickets to fully describe customer issues
  • Converge on multiple verticals which will require individuals to competently communicate and interact with various teams
  • Required to gain a deep understanding of a variety of concepts and how they relate to and impact the relevant domains
  • Develop tools, operational enhancements and automate solutions that will monitor and maintain the platform
  • Perform root cause analysis. Identify and resolve underlying problem patterns, while driving to develop automated and self-healing solutions
  • Be a member of a 24x7 shifting rotation
  • Amenable to work on-site


    • Knowledge with Hashicorp tools like Terraform, Vault and Packer
    • Good knowledge of programming languages like Python for automating and developing tools/scripts as needed


    Our team is made up of individuals who are aligned through Opswerks’ values. In the spirit of building a healthy community, which requires open and honest communication, here are our expectations for each and everyone one of us at Opswerks:

    • To uphold Opswerks’ Mission and Methods
    • To know, believe and execute each team’s mission plan
    • Growing in the 4 awarenesses (self, others, surroundings and situation)
    • To take ownership of your personal growth for the team’s well-being
    • To never give up, to never give in … only giving your best

    Ready to start your awesome journey and be part of opswerks?